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Professional Development Services

The STEM Happens Network is an innovative and trusted source for building teacher capacity to lead and enhance professional practice, fostering a transformative impact on teaching and learning.

Vision-to-Action: Fastworks Training for Strategic Curriculum Development and Communication Enhancement

Accelerated Strategies Development: Fastworks Training empowers organizations to assess their overarching vision, mission, goals, and objectives, facilitating the formulation of comprehensive implementation strategies. This inclusive process involves an in-depth examination of existing curriculum and programs to pinpoint key areas for enhancement. It also integrates the crafting of both internal and external communication strategies, ensuring a holistic approach to organizational growth.

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Transformative Leadership: Effective, Collaborative, Rigorous

Nurturing Leaders: Our network offers research-based leadership development programs, guided by a Practitioner's Guide. These programs center around fostering Effective Leadership, Collaborative Teachers, and Rigorous Instruction, driving transformative change within schools.

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Empowering Educators with Notebooking Strategies for Enhanced Learning.

Elevating Learning with Notebooking: STEM Happens Network offers dedicated assistance to educators, guiding them in the effective utilization of proven notebooking strategies that amplify student engagement and foster enriched learning experiences.

Building an Integrated STEM Culture: A Phased Approach for Real-World Connections

Fostering an Integrated STEM Culture: Our network provides actionable strategies for cultivating a cohesive integrated STEM culture within educational institutions. Through a strategic phased approach, science serves as the nexus, seamlessly connecting various subject areas. This empowers students to grasp the interrelated nature of subjects and apply their knowledge in real-world contexts.

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Nurturing Schools in Embracing NY State's Next Generation Science Standards: Training & Assessments.

Navigating Next Generation Science Standards: STEM Happens Network extends invaluable assistance to schools by guiding them through the intricacies of the Next Generation Science Standards. Our comprehensive support encompasses targeted training and rigorous assessments, ensuring seamless understanding and successful implementation of these standards.

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Unleashing the Power of AI in Education: Professional Development for Leaders, Teachers, Students, and Parents.

AI Proficiency Empowerment: STEM Happens Network introduces comprehensive AI-focused professional development opportunities designed for educators, leaders, students, and parents. Uncover the pivotal role of AI in enhancing educational systems, harness the power of AI for classroom assessments, and advocate for ethical AI practices.

a) Kira Learning: Immerse educators in 15 hours of AI-centered professional development, enabling them to comprehend AI's intricacies and explore the array of tools and resources at their disposal. This advanced learning pathway can also lead to a computer science certification.

b) MIT Media Lab: Elevate student understanding with a dedicated AI day, where they delve into the realm of AI and gain practical knowledge of its applications.

c) Guided Insights from Dan Fitzpatrick, AI Classroom Author: Equip leaders with valuable insights into available AI tools and resources, while aiding in policy development for effective AI integration.

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Engaging Parent PD: STEM, Integrated STEM, AI, & Career Pathways

Involving Parents in STEM: STEM Happens Network hosts engaging professional development workshops designed to enlighten parents about the significance of STEM, integrated STEM approaches, New York State Science Standards, artificial intelligence, and diverse career paths.

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Enriching Schools: Maker Spaces & Integrative STEM

Facilitating Creativity Zones and Professional Pathways: This initiative aids every educational institution in establishing innovative maker spaces that harmonize with interdisciplinary STEM modules, fostering a seamless link between students and promising career avenues.

Pioneering Career Technical Education: Building Successful CTE Programs.

Empowering Career-Focused Learning Initiatives: STEM Happens Network collaborates with conventional educational institutions to conceive, refine, execute, and evaluate effective career technical education programs.

a) TechSpark: Introduce students to coding via a comprehensive 10-hour online curriculum, seamlessly bridging coding skills with practical applications and cybersecurity training.

b) CraftMotion: Establish classroom maker spaces brimming with interactive activities, enabling students to engage in hands-on experiences centered around creating and manipulating various mechanisms.

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National STEM Expert Bench: Unparalleled Science, Tech, Engineering, Math Support.

Proficient Resource Pool by Prominent National STEM Bodies: The network supplies a wealth of expertise in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, facilitated by a dedicated team of specialists hailing from esteemed national STEM organizations.

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