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Empowering Educators: A Bounty of Teaching Resources for Navigating COVID-19 School Closures

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes in every aspect of our lives – from work and social interactions to teaching and learning. As we adapt to this new reality, educators are at the forefront of innovating education delivery. To lend a helping hand during these challenging times, we've compiled a comprehensive list of resources that can be a beacon of support as students continue their learning journey from the safety of their homes.

Education from Afar: Bridging the Gap

Educational Programming offers a lifeline to teachers and students. NBC Learn K-12 provides access to an expansive archive of historic news reports, current events, and original stories, meticulously aligned with state standards and curriculum frameworks. Explore the rich tapestry of knowledge at NBC Learn K-12.

NASA beckons young minds with captivating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning opportunities, fostering the next generation of explorers. Discover the universe of possibilities at NASA STEM.

The Smithsonian Science Education Center, an embodiment of K-12 transformation through science, offers a plethora of free instructional resources. Seamlessly intertwining STEM disciplines with the Smithsonian’s rich history, art, and culture, this resource is a treasure trove for educators. Dive into the realm of exploration at Smithsonian Science Resources.

Digital Learning: A New Horizon

BrainPop's platform provides an engaging learning environment with animated movies, assessment resources, and creative tools for distance learning. Gain unlimited access during this critical period at BrainPop.

Kahoot revolutionizes education through game-based learning. Education institutions can now access Kahoot! Premium for empowering distance and online learning. Unleash the power of engagement at Kahoot Premium.

Buncee Classroom empowers creativity and communication, enabling the creation of visual content across grade levels. Enjoy complimentary access by emailing

Navigating the Digital Sphere

Enhance virtual communication through Pronto's chat and video communication platform, available for free to teachers and teams during this time. Unify your digital communication at Pronto.

Edpuzzle transforms videos into engaging courses, testing students' comprehension. Find solace in relief provided for teachers affected by the pandemic at Edpuzzle Support.

Hapara eases the transition to digital learning, enabling cloud-based assignments and projects. New schools and districts receive free Hapara access until the end of June 2020 at Hapara.

Learning Beyond Boundaries

MakerHaven extends hands-on activities for K-5 students, perfect for home-based student projects. Embark on engaging STEM challenges at MakerHaven.

Mystery Science provides practical resources for home-based learning. Delve into captivating topics like volcano patterns at Mystery Science.

Subject-Specific Resources

Science over Everything presents remote learning resource modules aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), sourced from trusted entities like NASA and National Geographic. Embark on a scientific journey at Science over Everything.

LabXchange, a product of the Amgen Foundation and Harvard collaboration, offers personalized instruction and virtual lab experiences for bioscience and biotechnology enthusiasts. Delve into a world of scientific exploration at LabXchange.

The Call to Collaborate

These resources stand as guiding stars during these uncertain times. As educators continue to innovate and adapt, our support remains steadfast. Whether it's integrating STEM seamlessly or accessing enriching digital platforms, your journey towards effective remote teaching is backed by the collective commitment of the education community. Together, we navigate through the challenges, ensuring our students' quest for knowledge remains undaunted.

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