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Amber Bosman, Marketing & Communications Director: Dynamic Marketing Maverick

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About me

Meet our exceptional Marketing Director, Web & Graphic Designer, an ambitious and talented professional who, at just 23 years old, has already amassed over four years of experience driving revenue growth and delivering impeccable designs and marketing strategies.

Currently steering the ship as the Marketing and Communications Director at both the STEM Leadership Alliance and STEM Happens Network, she also holds the prestigious role of Marketing Director at Charley's Sports Grill, showcasing her versatility and commitment to excellence.

Her journey began at a remarkable young age of 16, marking the start of a journey defined by growth and innovation. From orchestrating and promoting events with Favela Entertainment in 2016-2017 to being the Social Media Manager & Personal Assistant at ESP Club in South Africa, her diverse roles have sculpted her into a multifaceted professional. She has worn hats ranging from event promotion and management to social media curation, showcasing a remarkable breadth of skills.

In 2019, she undertook the role of a social media assistant for a public figure, lending her creativity to enhance the online presence and making a tangible impact on the digital landscape.

Her dedication to education shone bright as a teacher's assistant at Little Actors in 2019, where she instilled manners, speech, and confidence in young minds across various schools.

Transitioning to a new horizon, she embarked on a two-year journey as an au pair, tending to the needs of multiple families with responsibilities spanning driving, engaging activities, cooking, and more.

The years that followed brought her to the forefront of design, crafting logos, websites, and flyers for diverse enterprises. Notably, her imprint on Saguaro Grill included creating the logo, menu, and website, a testament to her prowess as a graphic designer and web developer.

Since 2022, her role as the Marketing & Communications Director, Social Media Manager & Graphic and Web Designer for The STEM Leadership Alliance and STEM Happens Network has epitomized their dedication to shaping the narrative of impactful initiatives.

Backed by a plethora of online courses, her skillset is finely honed, underpinned by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a drive to create meaningful change.

At just 23, our Marketing & Communications Director, Web & Graphic Designer, is a rising star, showcasing a remarkable journey enriched by diverse experiences and a commitment to shaping the world through strategic marketing and design innovation.


Please feel free to reach out and connect with me.

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