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Partnering with Schools & Districts to Develop an Integrative STEM Culture

Supporting STEM Education

Partnering with Schools

Working together to help transform the implementation of Integrated STEM instruction across the content areas.

Cultivating Sustainability

We begin with onsite visits and work with schools and/or district leaders to develop and implement a plan for STEM education.

Developing Partnerships

Partnering with industry leaders, higher ed and community leaders help to enhance learning opportunities for students and teachers.

Creating a Community

We are committed to creating a STEM learning community to scale and share the opportunities in STEM.

"All students can achieve great things!"

- Dr Salvador A. Fernandez

Visin & Mission

Our Vision

STEM Happens Network (SHN) is committed to providing coaching support to schools and districts in order to transform, the implementation of integrated STEM curriculum across the content areas preparing students with the skills necessary to be successful at every level of their academic journey and in life.

Our Mission

To partner with schools and districts to develop a common definition for STEM as it relates to practice and learning. SHN builds the capacity of schools and districts through creating integrated STEM instruction across the content areas. Alongside schools and districts, SHN will support the development of an interdisciplinary STEM professional learning community that enhances a cohesive teaching and learning environment, providing students with opportunities to gain experience with real-world applications that leads to a trans-disciplinary culture. SHN believes this creates a lever to implement a culture of change within schools and districts providing true college and career readiness for students.

65% of the jobs of the future don't exist today and the majority of them will involve a STEM related background.

We are committed to providing educators with the support needed to provide students with a quality STEM education. SHN was founded August 2016 and since inception SHN has reached...



2000 +




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