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Roy Harris, Professional & Product Development: Pioneer in Education and STEM Leadership

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About me

Mr. Roy Harris began his teaching career as a second-grade teacher in East Harlem, NY.  He then went on to teach middle school science in East Harlem, St. Albans, South Bronx and Little Neck, Queens before becoming an Assistant Principal in Elmhurst, Queens for over six years in charge of science and computer technology at the school where he ran everything from science fairs, ATEM Fairs and Career Days. In 2005, Mr. Harris became the Science Instructional Specialist for Elementary Schools in NYC for 6 years before retiring after 38 years in the NYC system.  Retirement was never an option, he continued to work for Center for Educational Innovation, CEI, as their Science and STEM Director for 6 years, where he developed STEM cohorts of over 40 schools in elementary, middle and high school and led “STEMtastic Day” at the NY Hall of Science.  Mr. Harris was also involved in STEM Education through the GE Foundation and NSTA partnership, which worked with schools to develop a “Culture of Change” focused on STEM.   Mr. Harris continued to work privately with many schools in STEM and Science education through NYC and continues to actively work with STEM Happens Network (SHN) as their Senior VP of Professional Development and has been actively involved in the STEM Alliance in developing integrated STEM throughout many schools in the country as well as internationally.  He earned his BA from Queens College and went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Environmental Education at Queens College and later earned his Administration and Supervision degree at Queens College.


Please feel free to reach out and connect with me.

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